SlimRest+Angular Yeoman Generator

Yeoman generator that scaffold AngularJS application with PHP Slimframework 3.0

npm install -g generator-slimrest-angular


Another Generator ?!

I created this generator inspired by the awesome angular-fullstack generator, every module is boxed within one directory contains controllers, views, services, specs, etc...

Backend is PHP based on the awesome PHP SlimFramework 3.0, backed with PHPActiveRecord to serve database manipulation tasks, the architecture is very flexible and straight forward to alter with your own preferred ORM library.

Getting Started

To use this generator, you need to install yo by running the command: npm install -g yo

First thing to do install the generator using npm npm install -g generator-slimrest-angular this command will scaffold the project and install dependecies in for both angular and PHP.

First Run

Once generator finishes installing dependencies for both frontend and backend, the project is ready.

You will have directory structure like this

Directiry Structure

Run grunt serve to preview frontend while doing development, a web browser will be opened showing the current front end view no thing new!, for backend run grunt serve:api, API instance will be accessible through http://localhost:9005.

Sub Generators

No subgenerators added yet in the current generator. However, there is list of planned subgenerators to be added soon.


You have something to add?
Simple! fork the repo, apply your changes, and send a Pull request.

Awesome contributors will be listed here.